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Hot Yoga


Yoga Sundays @ 11 am


Wilderness Hot Yoga Studio offering the classic 84 asanas by appointment and the 90 minute, 26n2 yoga sequence.

The Purpose of Yoga 

by Paramahansa Yogananda

Yoga is a system of scientific methods for reuniting the soul with the spirit.  We have come down from God, and we must reascend to Him.  We have seemingly become separated from our Father, and we must consciously reunite with Him.  Yoga teaches us how to rise above the delusion of separation and realize our oneness with God.

The poet Milton wrote of the soul of man and how it might regain paradise.  That is the purpose and goal of Yoga - to regain the lost paradise of soul consciousness by which man knows that he is, and ever has been, one with Spirit.



This sacred space is built out of cedar, within a truly magical cedar forest.  You can feel the connectedness with the branches reaching toward you while in the room.  The hot room has 6 giant windows, indirect lighting, radiant heat panels, and a built in steam humidification system.  The flooring is mondo rubber with 2 washable carpets over top.  The space is free of EMF’s and any radiation, pure and safe.  It is ventilated with an hrv, which is constantly oxygenating the space, and replenishing the air.  After each class the air is cleaned with a HEPA UV filtration system, sage and essential oils.  Feel free to have an outdoor shower after class, or simply fall asleep for an hour, there is never any rush.  In this space you may heal.  You are given all the ingredients to let go, reconnect and relax your body … all you have to do is show up.  All levels welcome!  Are you ready?

Hot Yoga


Cedar barrel sauna to relax before or after yoga class

  • The original hot yoga class. 90 mins, 40 deg C, 40% RH.

    Wed, Sun1 hr 30 min
    Membership/Drop In
  • 84 classic hatha yoga postures

    Membership/Drop In
Hot Yoga

Alison Henry



Come try our studio, all levels are welcome.  If you have any questions, please reach out, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

~ Alison

"East and West should destroy forever narrow divisions in the houses of God.  Attaining Self-realization through Yoga, men will come to know that they are all children of the one Father." 

~ Paramahansa Yogananda

732 Park Rd

Enderby, BC  V0E 1V3

(604) 349-3073

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